Wendy's Chili - Instant Pot


Love Wendy's chili? Wait till you try this! Just like Wendy's (ok, maybe a little better than Wendy's), but remarkably similar.


  1. Posted by smince, — Reply

    I only used 1/4tsp of chili powder. I also substituted 8oz of Tomato Paste mixed with 24oz of water for the V8 and ground country sausage vs the turkey. I also added 1/4 tsp smoked paprika.

  2. Posted by acable1056, — Reply

    My husband loves Wendy鈥檚 chili. We enjoyed and he said it does Taste about the same! Cook time is short and I saved half in the freezer.

  3. Posted by sdehaemer, — Reply

    This came out great. Tastes exactly like Wendy's chili. Spice is just right. It just warms the mouth. It's now my go to chili!

  4. Posted by oshkline, — Reply

    1/4 cup of chili powder makes this way too hot 馃サ and spicy. Is this the correct amount?

  5. Posted by clmarsik, — Reply

    I forget Wendys has chili and its pretty darn good too.

  6. Posted by kmjones8283, — Reply

    This looks absolutely delicious !馃構

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